Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life in Japan

Within the first couple of weeks, I tried to do everything I could while it was fresh in my mind!

But before I arrived I traveled home to visit my family in Georgia.
To celebrate, my family has cookouts! We eat, drink & talk.


This is my favorite nephew (my only nephew) Travon! He's 5. I made sure I spent a lot of time with him before I moved away, so he wouldn't forget me!

After I visited home, I went to visit one of my best friends Danielle. We painted & went to a art museum. I loved the picure of the old lady. While I was there I spent time with some friends I grew up with. I loved seeing them.

On the plane to Japan. I met this really interesting girl about my age. I sat next to her, we talked for hours. She was such a breathe of fresh air! we had similar views & opinions about life. I really enjoyed talking to her. She inspired me to start my Youtube channel and start a blog! 

Since I've been here I visited Tokyo & the Great Buddah! & met a MONK! Even though he wasn't allowed to stand closed to me and a lady cursed me out just for asking. I still think it was a great experience.

So that's my quick Japan experience in a nutshell. As I do more, I'll post more about it!

thank you for visiting! 

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