Thursday, July 31, 2014

YouTube Video - Navy Hair Regulations

Navy Personal Apperance Regulations <- Link!

My latest video is about my opinion on the Navy hair regulations.

The girl who said that the Army regulations were racially bias struck my curiosity. So, I decided to further investigate. Just to find out that our regulations are really relaxed! Pretty much as long as your hair is pinned down, you're good. They don't even talk about highlights, kinky twists, or twists or even dreads anymore!

But the silver lining is "Because it is impossible to provide examples of every appropriate or unacceptable hairstyle or of “conservative” or “eccentric” grooming and personal appearance, the good judgment of leaders at all levels is key to enforcement of Navy grooming policy. "

Which in translation sounds to me like it's all up to your supervisor's judgement! ;) Which is exactly the part I hate. Because then higher ranking individuals are able to pick & choose what hairstyles they like and don't like. & that seems unfair to Everyone. It doesn't allow you as the lower ranking individual a chance to prove your innocence. (When being told your guilty of a wrong hair style)

I've never had a serious problem with my hair being out of regulations. Of all the times I've been told I was wrong... I knew I was.

" Hairstyles shall not be outrageously multicolored or faddish,"
FYI: I look mad in the pictures because I didn't like how the hair style turned out. So, lets just say I wasn't that mad too take it down. But I basically threw away $200. 

Then theres times when I don't understand how I got away with my hair...

It is multicolored. But no body higher ranking than me made a issue out of it. Could be because we were more focused on our job and not my hair or because I held myself in a professional manner & had a neat appearance. IDK. 

My point is that there should be a clear guideline so that I don't have to guess.

Also! When some one tells you to take down your hair or make your hair color a natural looking color. I believe that individual should have a time limit. Braids shouldn't be token down immediately after they've been put it. It cause so much damage to a person hair! The same goes for changing your hair color. #justmyopinion

Here are some examples of hairstyles and burettes that used to not be allowed.


Tell me what you think about the standards and what is your opinions on the changes & all that jazz!

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  1. sooooo i want to go to the navy, my hair is long and browns (i don't think the color would be a problem) but i don't want to cut if off, it is my treasure :( what do you think that they are gonna make me do with it?